Current Projects in Perth and Kinross

These are a few examples of projects we are currently working on.  They are all at various stages of the build process.
Prinns Smithy

Shand Architecture is currently working on a development of three new houses.  Our clients aim is to create carbon-minus properties - ie the houses will be a net provider to the environment over their lifetime.


The houses will be built to Passive House standard but will go beyond this to be entirely self sufficient - ie they will have their own water supply, their own drainage system and reed bed and generate their own electricity.  The central pond will act as a buffer for rain water (and also water storage for garden use) as well as a central focal point / foreground feature for the wonderful view up to the 16th century castle.




New House, Kinross-shire

Another new house design by Shand Architecture  to be built to Passive House standard.  It's a relatively traditional house in appearance but will use alternative materials. The interior will open up to the garden side of the house with day rooms all open plan and light filled.  The house will have no conventional heating system relying on greater than average insulation, air tightness, solar gain and a mechanical heat recovery system feeding fresh air to all of the rooms and recovering the heat from the exhuast air. In winter a small heating element will pre-heat the air, pass through the heat recovery unit and provide warm, fresh air to each of the rooms.


A contemporary multi-fuel stove between the lounge and dining spaces will be mainly decorative.

Residential Development


A devopment of eight houses in Crook of Devon designed by Architect Stuart Shand from Shand Architecture .  All of the houses are to be to Passive House standard. (See above) In addition they will be designed with sustainable materials.


The houses will circle around an attractive wildlife pond with new native tree and shrub planting - this will hopefully encourage the kingsfishers, otters and red squirrels that inhabit the adjacent woodland and river to spend some time.


If you would like more information on this project please contact us.



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