New Build

If you have a plot of ground Shand Architecture can help you realise your dream home.  If you would like to build your own house but are not sure about the process, or if you are looking for a suitable plot, we can also help with information.


The house shown on the left was built for overseas clients with the project managed remotely.  For more information on this project see the following page.


Sometimes remodelling your home can be all that's required to gain space and make it suit your lifestyle.  The process involves a careful analysis of your present home and how you use it.  Quite often simple changes to the layout can transform the feel of the home.


In he example to the left an existing garden level space in a Victorian villa was underused and had a dark, opressive feel.  The layout was changed within the existing structure to create a self contained apartment.  See the following page for more images of the Shand Architecture transformation.


Extra space can be found in several ways, apart from remodelling the existing space.  You can extend out, up or down.  The key is to extend in such a way that the new part seamlessly joins with existing in both its use and appearance.  In this particular house Shand Architecture 's clients purchased a large part of an adjacent field to the west of their house.  This changed how the house would function.  The extension turns the house and faces the new, enlarged garden - complete with private, sunny terrace and master bedroom balcony.

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