Shand Architect Services 

1. Initial Enquiry

Whatever the size of your project  Shand Architecture can provide advice and information right from the start.  My initial visit is free and serves the purpose of gathering as much information on your requirements as possible.  


From our initial meeting we will prepare a detailed fee quote.  This quote will be based on the level of services required and will be based on the RIBA / RIAS  Form of Appointment.  A member of the RIBA and RIAS is required by the Code of Professional Conduct to record the terms of any appointment before undertaking any work.  An agreement will include the conditions, schedules of services, renumeration etc.

3. Concept Design

Following on from our meeting and preparation of the brief we carry out a dimensional and level survey of the site or property and prepare a drawing as existing.  From this we prepare alternative sketch proposals to show, roughly, how we see the requirements of the brief can be met.  The sketches are then revised and developed to show more detail.  Depending on the level of service chosen we may do a 3D model of the project.

2. Preparation and Brief

From our initial and subsequent meetings with you I will prepare a detailed brief.  This brief will provide the basis for turning your aspirations into a deliverable project.  It will provide a great deal of information from the basic (what is the function of the project, who will use it etc) to increasingly detailed information (such as design, construction materials, fixtures etc).


The brief will also include details of your budget and timetable and how the project will be financed.

4. Developed Design

When the sketch proposals are advanced we at Shand Architecture start to prepare detailed design drawings - to include a location plan, site plan, building plans, elevations and sections and possibly 3D computer model.  These drawings are then submitted to the local authority for planning consent.  The planning process normally takes two months from the date of application but can take longer - depending on the location, type of application etc.


The planners will consult and liaise with various statutory consultees and may request additional information as a result.