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Contemporary House Design
5. Technical Design

Once planning approval has been obtained the next stage is to begin the preparation of detailed construction drawings.  This is the nitty gritty information required by the builder to allow the project to be built.  This requires a great deal of information to be gathered and collated and put in various formats (drawings, specifications, schedules etc).  This stage is usually the most time consuming period and will involve many questions - but we will use our experience to guide and advise you through the process.


When the drawings are advanced enough we  at Shand Architecture will make a further submission to the local authority for Building Standards approval.  The authority will check our application and may request further information before approval.

Shand Architecture has many years of experience of successfully working with Planning Authorities all over Scotland.

7. Handover and Completion

As your project nears completion there are various tasks to be carried out.  We need to liaise with the local authority to obtain a Certificate of Completion.  If it's a new build house there will be an air test requirement to ensure the house is sufficiently well sealed.  There will also be a requirement to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - the same style you see on domestic appliances.  This will tell you how energy efficient your house is compared to others.


At this stage we will also carry out a detailed inspection of the works to check that we are satisfied with the finished quality.  When satisfied we will issue our Final Inspection Certificate.  Depending on the terms of the building contract there may be a period in which the contractor is liable for any defects in the workmanship or materials and a retention held until such defects are made good.

6. Tenders and Construction

Approval of the Building Standards application allows us to move to the construction phase.  The traditional building procurement route is to prepare tender and contract documents and invite contractors (usually 3) to price the documents competitively.  There are other routes and these can be discussed with you at this time.


Depending on the chosen build route and the terms of our agreement our role as architects changes.  We will continue to act on your behalf but we are also required to administer fairly the terms of the Building Contract.  Again, depending on our agreement, we will carry out regular, periodic inspections of the work to ensure that it is in accordance with the approved drawings and specification and the terms of the building contract.  




8. In Use

Just as your project is handed over our involvement draws to a close.  By this stage we will know your building very well and wish to know that it (a) serves the purpose for which it was intended - as discussed at our very first meeting and (b) the building performs as it was designed to do so - eg in terms of energy performance, wear and tear etc.  This feedback is invaluable to us for future projects.


Obviously we  at Shand Architecture would like to continue as your architects for your future projects and build on the experience gained.  We have many clients who provide us with repeat projects, which is clearly a good sign.