Some recent projects in Perth and Kinross

Traditional Design 
New House, Perthshire

This was Shand Architecture's second project with this client.  The brief and design followed on from the previous project (quite substantial alterations and extension to an existing cottage).  Many of the ideas from the original project were incorporated into their new house.  The main day rooms or spaces are shown in the photographs adjacent.  The oak trusses make form a strong feature and make for a very pleasant living space indeed. The character of the room changes with the time of day - the oak trusses are softly lit and the stove gives off a warm glow. 

Low Energy House, Perthshire

This house replaced a 1970's bungalow on the same site.  Although relatively new the house was inefficient and had not stood up to the passage of time very well. Shand Architecture's clients wanted a traditional house, built with cavity blockwork, harled outside and plastered inside - not that common a contstruction these days.  Nevertheless the house is still one of the most energy efficient we have built and it will last much, much longer than the previous house on the site.

House re-model, Kinross-shire

This house, purchased by our clients, had an awkward layout that didn't really work for a young family. The connection between the various rooms was disjointed and inefficient. It also lacked one bedroom. Although the garden was large it did not lend itself to creating space for an extension. We decided that the best option was to move upwards by removing the roof off part of the single storey section and forming a new master bedroom suite, accessed two thirds up the existing stair. We also relocted the kitchen to the opposite end of the house and swapped a very large bathroom for a very small bedroom. The result was a house that created plenty space for everyone.

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